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Two main points that should be paid attention to when purchasing a rotary dehumidifier

Time:2022/3/10 17:32:54

Rotary dehumidifiers are typically used in adjacent areas with specific ambient humidity requirements. They are gradually becoming part of the work, and many people and vendors have spent a lot of innovation, so they want to use every aspect of them directly when they use them. So what points should we pay attention to when purchasing a rotary dehumidifier? Next, the editor of rotary dehumidifier will explain it, I hope it can be helpful to everyone.

rotary dehumidifier

1. Look at the quality of the fan

The performance of the fan depends on the performance and service life of the rotary dehumidifier, so the selection of fans and motors must meet strict quality standards. At the same time, strict and professional dynamic and static balance tests are also required, and professional fan software is used to select the best fan characteristics, fan efficiency and noise level. If the buyer does not know, they can find relevant professionals who understand the relevant situation of the fan, obtain technical specifications and various data, and try to choose a fan with high efficiency.

2. Coils and filters

The rotary dehumidifiers all use coils, and the computer software specially designed according to the actual needs of users ensures that the coils have high heat capacity and low wind resistance, and can meet a wide range of cooling and heating needs. Therefore, all coils must pass the test pressure of 2.5MPa. The purchaser can judge whether the quality of the coil meets the standard by performing a pressure test on the coil. The quality of the filter also determines the quality of the rotary dehumidifier. The unit is usually equipped with an easy-to-open access door at the filter location for easy viewing.

The above two points are all about the two points that should be considered when purchasing a rotary dehumidifier. Thank you for your understanding and support!